Friday, October 13, 2006

WIP :: floored

Thanks to a crazy contraption that has replaced our phone, modem, and router all in one, and also looks like it could guide the space shuttle in for a landing, our home is again buzzing with the power of the internet.

I sort of miss our old-school phone, whose spiffiest feature was that it was cordless. Recent acute internet withdrawal to the contrary, I am not really a big technophile. But we had to give the Unmerciful Gods of the Internet what they wanted, and what they wanted apparently was for us to have a space shuttle docking station in our home. So we do. Right now, I can hear J and Iris putting it through its paces. Why do I have the feeling my two-year-old is going to be re-educating me on how to make a phone call?

Now for some Brute Force League crafting: The Ugliest Kitchen in the World is about to lose its title.

Last night J began some exploratory demolition where the leak from the broken dishwasher had caused the floor tiles to buckle and break up in front of the sink.

He found wood boards in decent shape, so he kept going, lifting whole panels of plywood, tiles and all, and ripping out the little cook-book-case which, while useful, is in the way of our plan to restore circular circulation to our first floor via a passageway between the kitchen and sunroom.

By the time Iris and her grandmother had finished watching Kirikou, most of the old floor, along with the bookcase and baseboards, was gone.

And good riddance! Some sandpaper and polyurethane and this old wood floor will be bee-yoo-tiful, no? A little rustic, sure, but that's OK. And once I have a kitchen floor that I love, I may be able to live with the black-and-yellow wall tile – more of the oh-so-classy 2-cents-apiece plastic stuff – for a few more years.


Anonymous meg said...

that floor looks like it is in pretty good shape! we, too, have hardwood in our kitchen...under 2 layers of linoleum + 2 subfloors. i don't think it is coming up that easily...

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Peeling the layers off an old girl can sometimes reveal nice surprises.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh this is gonna be good!

4:08 AM  

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