Sunday, September 24, 2006

domino effect

This picture could so easily have been taken by my parents when I was Iris' age:

All the toys I had when I was little are sadly long gone, shed in a succession of family moves. I've made an effort to track down duplicates for Iris of a few that I remember with special satisfaction, like the Fisher Price barn (moooo!). But these animal dominoes – I had forgotten about them completely until I passed a box of them on a sidewalk table, going cheap for $1. The instant I laid eyes on them, thirty-some years collapsed and I remembered vividly how I used to play with them on the floor in ways I was always inventing anew (I never actually learned the official game of dominoes). And that is just how Iris plays with them now. This morning she made a row of all the pieces with Marienkäfer (ladybugs) on them, then counted them up. I believe there were eleventeen.

Still achey and sniffly but a Sunday that lives up to its name and new shoes are proving to have detectable anti-viral properties. Maybe I'll get some sanding and priming done after all.


Anonymous Sarah said...

You didn't know that new shoes had anti-viral properties? It's well documented somewhere. I'm certain of it.

Hears to healthier days ahead!

10:19 AM  

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