Sunday, September 17, 2006

what a weekend

If you'd think Dan Zanes and Friends would put on a great show...

You'd be right! Next time I get to the store five minutes after it closes, or the bus pulls away when I'm a block from the bus stop, I have to remember we scored the last three tickets. Dig the toddler mosh pit. Ours bounced around in there for a while with Buddy, her teddy bear, but mostly wanted Mama and Daddy to twist and shout, jump and jive as she hung on for the ride.

Everything is new once. After Dan Zanes and an early dinner, Iris got "emmy-ems" from a candy machine. And guess what: they do so melt in your hand.

THEN, as if we hadn't stretched her stamina enough (why was Dan scheduled to play right in the middle of his target audience's naptime?), we went to a baseball game, where J was torn between rooting for the hometown underdogs, the Pirates, or the playoffs-bound Mets, to whom he swears a deep familial loyalty. Iris wears a Mets shirt given her by her aunt and holds a monarch butterfly magically bestowed by our seat attendant. I was glad she didn't pursue the "why it not fly away?" line of questioning too closely, because the obvious answer to anyone who has read Charlotte's Web was that it was languishing.

On the crafty front, I'm pleased to report I can check one whole thing off my project to-do list. Last weekend I dissected a couple of our oddly large supply of discarded-but-not-trashed bed pillows to make two toddler-size ones, and this weekend I got a start on sewing pillowcases for them.

Almost all the fabrics I used were vintage sheets and bedspreads, including one – the night-sky one – which was mine when I was little. I changed design ideas for these midstream, deciding simpler was the way to go, but didn't want to waste pieces I'd already cut; hence the patchworky aesthetic. Also, I didn't have matching thread for all the fabrics, so I did the topstitching on each one in a contrasting color instead, and was happy with how that turned out... except for the parts where it is painfully obvious that I cannot sew a straight line. ( I can draw one though! I'm not completely lineally challenged!)

These were kind of hard to photograph. Here's the flip side of the bottom one, the patchworkiest of them all.

More are in the works, because lord knows we'll want to change them often when runny nose season strikes. Watch this space.


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Awesome pic! That's my little blonde in the front row in the yellow. She loved it!

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