Tuesday, August 29, 2006

whipped cream and other delights

Any Herb Alpert fans out there?

So. I have not been writing here much because these days it's all about the grim morass at work and I don't want to use this space as a dumping ground for that. Bad enough that I dump it all on my loving, long-suffering husband. I just want to ask, though, a completely hypothetical question: what kind of boss takes stuff from your desk, stashes it in a drawer in his office without telling you, and then when you realize where it has gone and confront him about how totally inappropriate this is, simply says "It was falling on the floor and I was afraid it would get stepped on"? I ask you.

But there have been bright spots in the form of happy family moments and even some crafting as an outlet for seriously pent-up creative energy.

There have been things like whipped cream on waffles. Oh my.

And Iris' first haircut. Not that she has much hair to cut, it is still so babyfine, but it had grown to the point where we, as a family, searched deep within ourselves and decided the time had come to even out the ends. I barely had to sweep the porch floor afterwards, but scissors were used, so it counts.

And a trip to the Carnegie Art Museum for the last weekend of their Fierce Friends exhibit, true to form as the royal family of last-minute attendance. It was a true all-ages show with something for everyone from toddler to grown-up. At one point Iris commandeered one of the clipboard, paper, and pencil setups that the curators had thoughtfully left strewn about and asked J and me to draw our own renditions of some of the animals. She and J collaborated on a tiger (he drew the outline, she gave it its stripes), then she added some marks around its bared teeth and told us, "That's its dinner. It's eating shrimp, scallops, tofu, and rice." Mmm, I'll have what the tiger's having.

And I made another pair of booties, this time a hybrid between Heather's pattern and one from an old old copy of Martha Stewart Baby (the very first issue from 2000, if you must know, as I know I must if I were reading this), and this time for a girl. I am pleased to report that making them was a much less frustrating experience than last time now that my sewing machine is all sorted. I was going to wait to post these till I could take a better picture, but then what the hey.

And the baby boy for whom the first booties were made was born on Saturday morning. His name is Teddy. Oh happy day!


Blogger June said...

The booties are so cute! The boss behavior? Weird, very weird.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

the boss - candidly sounds nutters to me.

the whip-cream, haircut and booties - perfection!

12:44 PM  

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