Saturday, August 12, 2006

booties accomplished

So I managed to finish the booties in the nick of time for Paige's baby shower this afternoon, no thanks (OK, grudging thanks) to my sewing machine, which has started refusing to sew more than an inch or two at a time before coming unthreaded. Thank goodness all the seams were (a) short and (b) hidden on the inside. I ended up doing a fall theme since that is probably when the booties will be worn. I wish I had had time to take a better picture, but when I say I finished in the nick of time, I mean I had to run almost literally straight from the melon-farming frickety-frackin sewing machine to the party.

I am typing this with polished fingernails, a circumstance which has not occurred since my wedding, because the shower had a spa theme. I had to laugh at one point when all the women were sitting around, punch and cupcakes in (manicured) hand, talking about football. What a baby shower cliché!


Blogger Ali said...

So cute, love the acorn and oak leaf motifs.

4:51 PM  

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