Tuesday, September 19, 2006

corners of my home: iris' room

So if you’ve stopped by Kiddley lately, you’ve gotten a glimpse of Iris’ room.

That's because Claire, of Loobylu fame, used a photo of it in her post about the “Go to your room! Kids’ rooms at home” group on Flickr. Claire being Australian, I'll put it this way: I was chuffed! ("Chuffed" being my favorite British English word that has no American equivalent. Rough translation: pleased as punch.) If you haven’t seen Kiddley lately or at all, you really should click on over there. It’s a great and engaging site for grown-ups interested in making their own fun with kids.

Or, if you’re not ready to go just yet, look at some more pictures of Iris’ room:

As it was in March 2004, the nursery ready and waiting (and waiting… and waiting…. Someone, not naming names, was not especially eager to trade the comfort of the womb for a room of her own).

I feel a pang of wistful nostalgia when I look at this picture and see the mobile over the changing table on the left. Baby Iris loved that mobile so! She smiled at it before she smiled at us... she used to have whole conversations with it in fluent babybabble... it spun quietly in reply. It became like a member of our family. We called it Mr. Mobile.

People always ask about Iris' crib. It's a handmade hand-me-down, built by a father of 12(!) for his brood in the 1970s. By the time we inherited it, a dozen small, sticky, teething occupants had taken their toll on the finish, but a coat of gumdrop green paint and some new hardware and it was good to go again. It weighs about eight tons and barely fit up our staircase, but it and the changing table J fashioned from a vintage vanity saved us hundreds of dollars in furnishing the nursery. Plus, I love all the built-in storage and the way the railing opens like a gate.

Two years later: a toddler lives here (but still sleeps in The Crib. It’s too huge to move).

The 50s chair with fins for arms was rescued from the alley on trash day. It’s upholstered in plastic – perfect for a kid’s room! The little table served as ring-bearer at J’s and my wedding; I later painted it and moved it into Iris’ room, where it has been repurposed as a chairside reading table.

This is the photo on Kiddley. J built the shelves, brackets, and pegs for hanging puppets and backpacks, and I painted and decoupaged the toybox. Other than that, it’s almost embarrassing how many things in the picture are from Ikea.


Anonymous Sarah said...

Wait! Ikea isn't embarassing. It can't be. I'm not willing to hang my head in shame. Plus, dang it, I want Iris's curtains.

I was shocked when Clair contacted me to use a picture of Lola's room for the "Corners of My Home" post. It may be Lola's room that had it's fifteen minutes but it might as well have been me I was so 'chuffed.'

Iris's room is gorgeous, by the way. I wouldn't turn my nose up at living in there even though I'm sure sleeping in the crib would leave me with a crick in my neck.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how bright it is without being too busy. And Ikea furnishings and children are a match made in heaven in my book.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous meg said...

i forgot to post her - iris' room is amazing. very nice. basically, i look at pictures of your home and suffer major house lust.

5:47 PM  

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