Saturday, September 30, 2006

sticky note

Two posts in one day, making up for none all week.

Iris, after overhearing a parental conversation about Thai food for dinner: Sticky rice we are having.

J: Yoda is right!


Anonymous kirsten said...

Cool, your daughter is!

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Angelique! It's me, Julie. I too am waiting to see what you do to your kiddie Ikea table. Damien's is mostly going unused these days. Maybe because it's so colorless? And while I'm trying to mooch ideas off you (your pillowcases are so cheerful! I'd like to try that too!), what general advice would you give to a couple of inexperienced interior decorators? Moving day is approaching (we're heading just outside of city limits, gaining a few square meters & becoming home-owners...revolutionary all around), and as our new apt is in near-perfect condition, we'll no longer have any excuse for not buckling down right away and making it into Home. The horrible wallpaper we've tolerated at the place we are now can be justified by the fact that we're "just renting" but it's also provided a convenient excuse (large, loopy purple paisley. Too much competition for anything in frames) for putting up anything more in the way of decoration. To continue our "let sleeping dogs lie" home decorating non-project (or is it "there's no crying over spilled milk"?), we've never changed the yucky pastel tulip curtains left in our bedroom by the former tenant. Nor put up curtains in our living room (if our neighbors get tired of seeing us in our pajamas, they can just put up their own curtains, dammit!) I'm not even sure of what kind of advice I'm looking for. My well-meaning, usually charming but occasionally tactless sister-in-law has suggested "real" furniture. I suppose she meant we should scrap our Ikea-type table and bookshelves. But it's funny, although I know that we'll be operating on a budget, that we'll splurge some and make some compromises, I don't think that money is the real obstacle between me and the nest I want. I guess what I don't know is how to find a combination of Stuff that looks like us and that we won't be sick of after a few months. I'm hoping that owning the walls around us will inspire us to go further than we have so far...
Anyhow, it's not just the chairs & tables I'm tuning in for; I hope there's a new chapter coming up in the job department, too. Hugs to all. xoxo

9:33 AM  

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