Sunday, October 08, 2006

things that make you go hmm

Iris: Dogs are dogs and people are people and wild boars* are pigs.

*Not quite as random as it may seem: a wild boar figures prominently in Kirikou at la sorciere, still a top-shelf favorite around here.


Iris: Why you say "hmm"?

Me: When I say "hmm," it means I'm thinking about something.

Iris: What you are thinking about?

Me: All different things... something different every time.

Iris: What you are thinking about this time? Wild boars**?

Why yes! I can't get the snorting, stomping, horned, hairy beasts out of my mind. But you, sleep tight and sweet dreams, little one!

**That reminds me of an anecdote from when I lived in Japan. A certain Japanese teacher was so eager for English conversation practice that he would get up before dawn, drive two hours to pick me up and two hours back to deliver me to the school in which he taught and where I was to guest-teach for the day. One day he asked me:

"How are the students at Shirama Junior High School [which I also visited]?"

Me, trying to think of a word or two which would sum them all up: Hmmm...

Him, helpfully: Pure of heart?

Right! How did he guess? Pure of heart. Just what I was searching for!


Anonymous Sarah said...

I think the only appropriate response to this post is "hmmmmm."

Also, "pure of heart?" Snort! There is a comonality among all the peoples of the world but a comment like that spotlights some differeneces.

10:28 AM  

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