Sunday, October 15, 2006

thrifty sunday

This morning the power tools got a respite while we attended the naming ceremony of Baby Medha (the recipient of the girlie booties I made a couple of months ago) at an Indian restaurant in the suburbs. It was very lovely, full of incense and flower petals, and Medha was exceptionally sweet. Iris, who last saw Medha's mother when she was eight months pregnant, observed, "Neha's tummy is not full." She doesn't miss a trick! All our tummies were quite full by the end of the buffet luncheon, dal and samosas and paneer, oh my.

And what do you know? There was a Goodwill at the other end of the strip mall and I didn't come up empty there either. Some kids' clothes (though where is everyone else thrifting Oilily, is what I would like to know... that never happens to me) and these dishes:

Lotus plate and wooden whatnot server. I am a sucker for peapods.

Five mod little dessert/bread plates which will be good for parties. We try not to use disposable plates/napkins/cutlery, so I'm always looking to boost our resources for large-scale entertaining. Not that we do so much of that. But maybe we will, now that we have these dishes. Can you tell they even have silver edges? So fancy!

Oddly enough, there was also a full set, including serving pieces, of dishes to match this orphan teacup that came with our house and which we oh-so-glamourously employ to hold matchbooks on our bathroom windowsill. My first response to this coincidence was to think I should snap up the set, but fortunately my second response, quick on the heels of the first, was to ask myself if I really need a million pieces of china with this little chair and other fusty-by-design domestic furnishings on them? No, I do not. But if you do, you can find them at the Goodwill on William Penn Highway in Monroeville. Tell them I sent you only if you want to see bewildered expressions on their faces.


Anonymous meg said...

i'm diggin' that wooden tray. i, too, have become a lot more discriminating in my thrifting (mostly because i have 3 unused sets of dishes gathering dust in my basement...)

6:47 PM  
Anonymous kirsten said...

nice finds! see, i NEED dishes, and never seem to find what i want when thrifting. and ikea doesn't open here until the spring...

11:34 PM  

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