Sunday, July 16, 2006

fast forward freezer paper stencils

Now that I've finally gotten going on this project, I can barely bring myself to put down my X-acto long enough to post about it.

Here are a couple of shirts I did for Iris who, thanks to her mother's compulsion to spend her naptimes playing with fabric paints, now officially has more T-shirts than she can wear between laundry days, especially since she is in a phase where every day she demands a dress. No matter. Her wardrobe is my first line of crafty experimentation since she will inevitably grow out of it, making any imperfections in the end result seem a lot less permanent.

The horse is from an Andy Warhol drawing, always one of my favorite sources for wonderful and whimsical graphic design. He looked a little lonely floating on the T-shirt all by himself, so I gave him a little bird on his back. Speaking of imperfection, don't look too closely there. (Does anyone know how to use the Jacquard Super Opaque White? I tried to use it as a base coat under the yellow since the shirt was a dark color, but the texture was like peanut butter.)

Much happier with how these birds turned out on one of my thrifted Ts.

These onesies will be a present for our friends' new baby, due any minute. Thanks to Tracy for the frog design, which she posted on the freezer paper stencils Flickr group and I shamelessly copy-catted. The fish was drawn from one of the koi lanterns that hang on our front porch, and the owl – whose head I grafted onto more of a penguin body – was inspired by a stone carving on an H. H. Richardson building in North Easton, MA, that I saw during Victorian Society Summer School. (links on parade!)

Me: I want to do some onesies for Jeff and Paige's baby.

J: I think you should do some shirts for Jeff and Paige.

Me: Oh yeah? What would I stencil on theirs?

J: Spit-up.


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