Monday, June 05, 2006

live from newport, rhode island!

Well, somehow I did get it all done, including even the much-needed start-of-sandal-season pedicure. This is what I left on Friday morning:

After getting on a plane in the rain (which I hear falls mainly on the plain in Spain) and flying to Providence, then shuttling to Newport, this is where I ended up by afternoon:

Not too shabby. In fact, this is about as shabby as it gets in Newport, summer playground of the rich and famous. Since I am neither of those things, what I am I doing here? I am attending Victorian Society Summer School, of course! Because 12-hour days of lectures and architectural tours is my idea of fun... one of them, anyway.

Oh how I do miss my family though. When I was first planning this, we thought J and Iris could flit up here to join me for a long weekend, but then I got the summer school itinerary and realized there was no point since I wouldn't have a nanosecond to spend with them. As it is I hardly have time to talk to them on my still-novel cell phone.

We did have a short conversation yesterday in which J told me about taking Iris, Kate and Gaia (a friend and her 5-year-old daughter who were staying for the weekend) to the zoo. He said the zebras -- my favorites -- were out, but they only saw them from the back, then handed the phone to Iris.

Me: Hi sweetie! What did you see at the zoo?

Iris: Zebra bottom and eh-da-dat [elephant] go bathroom!

Off now to hear fellow students give reports on their interests. After that, I am hopeful I can find a fellow Victorian enthusiast to go out for a drink with me. Yes, I know, go ahead and say it -- I really know how to have a good time.


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