Thursday, June 15, 2006


What a week. I am still digging out from under all the voice mails, emails, and everything else that accumulated at work while I was away, to say nothing of the dust, clutter, and laundry that proliferated at home. And I don't just mean the house. Iris had one bath – count 'em, one – while I was gone. I don't mean to accuse J of sloth or filth – he was gallantly single-parenting, after all. And Iris did get at least one foot bath in addition to her singular whole-self submersion. I'm just saying I came home to a glimpse of what life would be like for the two of them if I ever unexpectedly departed the scene, and it wasn't tidy.

I have been so busy, and subsequently so tired in the spare minutes I wasn't so busy, that I totally missed Stephanie's Week of Color, which I really wanted to participate in. Oh well, maybe I still will post some photos, just a little or a lot late, in typical fashion.

In the meantime, here are some recent finds I've been wanting to share:

I admit I was actually at work when I found this. There just happens to be a great big Goodwill store in one of the historic districts I work in/with, and I just happened to get sucked in the door while I was out there making site visits one day. And then I just happened to find this gorgeous little old school desk for $10! With its storage under the desktop, it has displaced our kid-size Ikea table and chairs for now as Iris' downstairs art station.

Of course I immediately laid my money on the table to claim it, but had to come back that evening to pick it up. When I did, I ransacked the shirt racks and found all these plain T-shirts – some in my size, some larger and smaller to fit family and friends – for future stenciling and printing projects.

Finally, behold my oversized souvenir of Newport:

This wonderfully geometric Danish Modern headboard is for a single bed, but we do have a couple of those, as well as a mid-20th-century dresser which will look very at home with this. I took this photograph in the antique shop where I found it. This piece, as I believe things are called when they come from antique shops, was definitely not a thrift find, but since it was the newest thing in the shop by about a century – possibly the newest thing in Newport, period – it was priced to move. Still, I thought at first I would have to leave it there since, having come by plane, I would have to ship it home, and after adding the cost of UPS, it wouldn't be a bargain anymore. But then a fellow summer schooler offered to take it back to New York in her car and store it until such time as we can rendez-vous at her in-laws', about an hour and a half from here. Jackie said there was nothing she wouldn't do to aid and abet a vintage bargain. Girl after my own heart.


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