Monday, June 19, 2006

parent-dawdler role reversal

One day this past weekend, J asked Iris if she wanted to walk with him to the grocery store. She was as excited as if he'd suggested a trip to Totoro's camphor tree - so excited, she actually submitted to wearing clothes and shoes. While I got her appropriately attired, J tooled around on the computer. As he was in the midst of recounting the article he'd read, Iris announced, "I ready! Let's go Daddy! Let's go walk!"

J: You would not believe the amazing stuff people are using their iPods for! iPods are endlessly useful and fascinating! Mac technology is the great creative force of our time! (I'm paraphrasing here.)

Iris: Daddy, let's go walk!

J: Just a minute, sweetie, Daddy is telling Mama something. Something which communicates the reverential awe in which I hold Macintosh and all its sleek white machines.

Iris: I want go walk.

J: But wait, there's more....

Iris: Daddy, I want go today!


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