Tuesday, June 27, 2006

not pretty as a picture

Poison ivy. Need I say more?

This was my goal for the weekend:

I also had grand plans of sanding the dresser that I haven’t touched since before Newport. Instead, there was the computer and a nap, ill-timed with Iris’s so that I had just fallen deep down the rabbit hole of slumber when her little voice began pealing, “Mama! I wake up!” Uhhhhhhhnn.

This is why I try to avoid naps – for me, the grog upon awakening is usually harder to shake than the urge to shut down in the first place. And then there is the disappointment and disgruntlement with myself for getting “nothing” done (robotic chores like laundry and unloading the dishwasher don’t count). For letting my creative spark flicker out. It used to be so much easier to waste time. Or I wasn't so hard on myself about it.

So, in conclusion: Blah. And itchy and covered in calamine. Pink! It’s the new fleshtone!


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