Sunday, July 02, 2006

guiltless in new jersey

No pictures today, though I have lots to show. I will have to download and post them when I get home. [July 6 – edited to add Fourth of July Weekend Foto Spectacular]

We are whiling away the long holiday weekend in New Jersey, where the living is easy. Not exactly the state slogan, but that's how it feels here at my father-in-law's in leafy suburbia. No, I don't romanticize suburban life – I have been there, done that, and I know it is not for me. But maybe that's precisely why it is so lovely and luxurious to visit: it is an ordinariness that is not my own.

J brought his bike and I brought some crafty supplies in case I should be inspired to be productive while Iris romps around, barenaked, loosely supervised by my sister-in-law's dog... but somehow, here, being productive is the last thing on my mind. It's like another dimension, one with a wide-screen TV and Tivo and a hammock on the deck beneath the backyard trees and gin and tonics at cocktail hour (and cocktail hour starts really early) and staying up past midnight playing Ticket to Ride at the dining room table. I am loafing as hard as I can, and I seem to have left self-reproach at home.

Iris has become obsessed with Kirikou et la sorciere. Have you seen it? Oh, you really should, even if you don't have kids. Yesterday morning we held a mandatory screening for all family members so that J and I would not have to be the only ones on call for her incessant demands of "pease talk about the wild boar... pease talk about dat skunk... pease talk about Karaba have big owie in her back..." and on and on.

Hope everyone else is having as relaxing a weekend.


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