Saturday, July 08, 2006

sweet saturday

We rarely go out for brunch, but this morning we treated ourselves to Coca Cafe. The place has bottled a magic potion which makes it hip without being pretentious, a rare and wonderful quality. I just hope Iris didn't break the spell by pooping on the floor (in the bathroom, at least, not the dining room). She's at that stage where being out and about in panties, not a diaper, is a thrilling but risky business.

After brunch, thrifting paid off in some fabulous fabric finds:

Pretty flowered vintage sheets, supersoft from a million washings. One has irises on it, so how could I not? Beneath them, acres of olive/avocado green corduroy, just begging to be made from a bedspread (gack!) into winter pants and jumpers, probably several seasons' worth.

This fabric is everything I love and then some – can you tell there is lavender in the pattern too? – but there is an odd amount of it (46"x48"). The proportions will not work for a skirt, I don't think. Pillow(s)? Bag(s)? Upholster a chair? It's heavy. Any ideas?

Aprons are not really my thing, but I did pick this up for $1 at my favorite thrift store. I could not resist the pretty pattern and western-style pearlized snaps. The fabric is a bit yellowed and damaged in the front, but maybe I could make it into a littler smock for Iris, or cannibalize the back, which is in better condition, for something else, something small and sweet.

Tonight, J is making sushi. Can't wait.


Blogger Tracy said...

oooh would love to see a chair in that fabric!

4:54 PM  
Anonymous kirsten said...

how funny - i got a pillowcase really close to (if not the same) as the white floral sheet! (yard sale)

9:11 AM  

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