Friday, May 30, 2008

a feeling of deep well-being

Because it is sunny and warm and I think spring may finally be here to stay.

Because we brought up the porch furniture from the basement and made our favorite room in the house ready for summer. Let the outdoor living begin!

Because good friends are coming over for diner.

Because a vacant lot in our neighborhood is becoming a community garden this summer. Thank you Whole Foods! Say what you will about "Whole Paycheck" and all that... Whole Foods is a good neighbor.

Because be that as it may, greens and broccoli are growing like gangbusters in our backyard garden. We had our first home-grown salad the other night and it was good.

Because Mr. Breech Boy got himself straightened out and is now head-down in the blast-off position. 35 weeks down, five (or so) to go.

Because this weekend, our kitchen will finally be 100% really, truly done.

Because I am sitting on the porch swing with my (only somewhat swollen at the moment) feet up.



Anonymous amy h said...

It sounds like life is good. I'm glad the boy turned around!

3:26 PM  
Blogger Nanette said...

Hurrah on the breech front and for the other assorted lovely things happening in your life. I bet you're loving pottering about in that new kitchen. Photos please!

9:05 AM  
Anonymous dayben said...

that does all sound so good. glad the boy's ready for take off and i can't wait to see your new kitchen!

8:58 PM  

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