Sunday, April 06, 2008

it's about time

...for an new banner and, hey, how about a quickie post while I'm at it? That's one of the first buds to bloom on my backyard plum tree there. I wonder if it will bear fruit this year. The first five years I lived in this house, it didn't. Then a couple years ago, a bumper crop. Then last year – nada. Don't know much about botany, so I don't understand the whens and wherefores of its cycle. Lends an element of mystery to every spring: will there be plums?

Lots more going on, but will have to wait till I'm less swamped for show and tell.

Till then.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No sé cómo llegué a tu blog y me encantó. Entro de vez en cuando para ver si has añadido algo, pero parece que lo has dejado un poco olvidado.
Te felicito por tus creaciones y espero encontrar pronto cosas nuevas.
Un saludo.

2:15 PM  

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