Thursday, May 22, 2008

bea's ensalada

Even though it's more brisk than balmy today, I'm in the mood to share one of my favorite summer recipes.

Several years ago, my dear friend Gretchen went away to live in Spain. When she came back, she had me over to lunch and served me this salad, which she'd learned from her Spanish friend Bea. It's since become a staple of my own warm-weather repertoire.

1 15 oz. can garbanzos
1 tomato (in season only)
1 medium cucumber
1/2-1 red onion
1/2-1 red pepper
1-2 avocadoes
4 or so radishes
1 can tuna (splurge on the good stuff – dark meat packed in olive oil)

Dressing (not an exact science):

2 parts olive oil + 1 part red wine vinegar + a dollop of good spicy mustard + salt and pepper (add how much you think, then a little more)

Drain the garbanzos. Chop up the veggies and toss with garbanzos and tuna. Whip up some dressing and pour over the whole shebang.

This is a great hearty + nutritious lunch, no-cook summer supper, or picnic potluck dish. It's also really flexible – when I don't have radishes, I just throw in something else that's colorful and crunchy, like a carrot. Sometimes I peel the cucumbers and carve out the seeds; sometimes I don't bother. Avocadoes too hard or too expensive? Leave 'em out. The salad will still be good.


Blogger a friend to knit with said...

i am so making this. this weekend!
i'll be at whole foods today...buying the ingredients!

11:04 AM  
Blogger amy t sharp of doobleh-vay said...

this looks yummy= I just found yr blog- yahoo!

7:35 AM  

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