Sunday, November 12, 2006


More sneak peekage. Thanks for the comments on yesterday's. I put the paint on that freezer paper stencil after I posted it and was really happy with how it turned out... until I realized I somehow also managed to get paint on the back of the, er, item. Aaaargh!

I know this is the worst photo ever posted in the short but prolific history of the blogosphere, but it must be posted because I'm asking for your help. It is out of the question to procure another, um, thing, re-cut that insanely intricate stencil, and do it over. Not going to happen. So, I see my options as:

1. Camouflage the mistake somehow. Stumped on this one.

2. Attempt to remome the paint from this area. Does anyone know if and how this can be done?

3. Give gift as is with apologies and hope the recipient appreciates that imperfection is part of the charm of the handmade.

I realize I'm being cagey with information in my attempt to keep my gift, defaced as it is, a secret, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on salvaging it.

While I'm at it, thanks for all your comments, all the time. I can't overstate how much I appreciate each and every one. To echo Meg, though, I have not been very good about ackowledging them, and I feel badly about that. For a while I was posting responses to comments in the comments, but then I stopped because I wondered if anyone really ever went back to check. I'm going to start doing that again, though, in hopes of getting a more conversational vibe going.

Lastly, I promised you pictures of my take from the Handmade Arcade, and here is one. No, it was not taken under an infrared lamp, but in a restaurant with walls painted the color of the inside of a blood orange. J and went there last night on a date and I wore a necklace that I bought from imogene. It's a little hard to see, but it's small square green bead strung within a rectangle of ebony wood on a thin silver wire. Love. It!


Anonymous meg said...

wish i had some advice..but at least i can tell you your new necklace is killer...

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Did you notice the paint on the back before you heat set the paint on the front? If the answer is yes, then I'd try pre-treating and laundering the item a few times to see if it helps lighten the stain. You'd want to make sure that the design itself is heat set before throwing it in the washer. I'd use tap water somewhere between cold and tepid and a plain old bar of soap to pre-treat the area. If the stain got heat set then I think camoflage or playing up the handmade quality of the thing are going to be your best bets.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous amy h said...

Yeah, I hope you haven't heat set it yet -- then it might come out! Since I have no idea what the item is, it's hard to suggest things... Could a stencil work its way around to the back? Would a patch look weird? It looks pretty faint. I'd go for just washing it first. Maybe use a stain stick.

I love the necklace!

10:14 PM  
Blogger angelique said...

Thanks all. I don't think the back is heat-set... at least it shouldn't be. I'm going to try treating and washing the stain and see how it goes!

11:19 PM  
Blogger ronica said...

As a member of your family who is simply thrilled by the thought of receiving one of your loving and lovely craft items, I wouldn't worry *too* much if the suggestions don't work. It's a faint stain, and I know the stuff you make is just so wonderful. :)

9:55 AM  

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