Sunday, October 29, 2006

fall back

Fall is

in full

I was going to say bloom, but that's pretty much the botanical opposite. Still, that's what it feels like.

It was a dark and stormy naptime. M came over and we turned the dining table into a Halloween costume workshop. Nothing like getting ready for the holidays waaaay in advance!

Anya's pony costume turned out pretty punk rock, thanks to M's artful interpretation of Anya's declaration that she wanted a red mane and tail. Iris' lobster get-up proved somewhat vexing, especially the claws. But one of the reasons Halloween is celebrated at night is to obscure the imperfections of homemade costumes, right? I'll let the little lobster model her costume for you herself in a couple of days.

It's a bit late in the season to evoke that back-to-school feeling, but let me tell you, I was feeling it when I found this yesterday at Construction Junction, a place I always seem leave a little lighter in the wallet than when I went in. I haven't tried to clean it yet, but I'm pretty sure it's going to need a restorative coat of chalkboard paint. (Anyone used this stuff – any tips?) It's destined for our someday-soon-to-be playroom on the third floor. Wish us luck getting it up there!


Anonymous Sarah said...

We have a piece of that very same oil cloth that floats around the house. Sometimes it's a splat mat, sometimes a table cloth, sometimes a cape... It's multipurpose, that oil cloth.

As for the chalkboard paint, make sure to buy the stuff in can. DO NOT buy the spray paint but if you do, apply it outside on a windless day. It'll still leave a fine film of paint all around but it'll be localized and not all over the inside of your house. Ask me how I know all about that.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous kirsten said...

Fall could be in full *Swing* maybe?

i used chalkboard paint on a wall in my kitchen. i hated it. 'grey' it said - 'black' it was. it took several coats before anything would stick to it - i ended up putting like 9 coats on - seriously. and it's still not great. however - your board is already magnetic, right? if so, that should work better.

11:31 PM  

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