Friday, July 04, 2008

pins and needles

That's what we're on around here, as signs accumulate that Baby Brother is getting ready to make his move.

Now that I don't have my book to distract me, it's harder not to live in constant anticipation of The Big Event. What was that twinge? And that one? Do I detect a pattern? I'm trying to stay relaxed and busy myself with little things, like some last-minute quickie crafting.

First, some headbands for Iris, who has been begging me for some for weeks now.

These were so fast and simple to whip up, they'll probably become the new default birthday present for her friends.

I also finished a chicken applique on one of her old onesies, which will of course be handed down to Baby Brother. Lesson learned from this: those little pieces were really hard to machine-sew. If they don't survive the wash, at least I'll have this picture. Also, who knew chicken feet would be so hard to embroider?

I actually freezer-paper stenciled these little newborn kimono shirts some time ago, but it's been hard to get the colors to come out in a photograph (Sarah, I've needed your help!). I think this is as good as it gets.

More news soon, I hope. Happy fireworks, everyone!


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