Sunday, December 23, 2007

farewell to the marvelous barking camera

So my camera died last night, a quiet little death in the pocket of my coat. Probably the only time that camera has ever been quiet about anything. Cause of death: the dreaded E18 error, but I have no idea what brought it on. Last time (yes, it has happened before), the cause was all too clear: Iris tried to manually push the lens back into the casing. That time we were able to have it repaired, resulting in the camera adding a crotchety clackety-clackety noise to its repertoire, which already included birds tweeting when it turned on and a barky little "rarf!"-ing sound that I never figured out how to disable every time I pressed the "shutter" button. Now, silence. (Cue "Taps.")

In theory, this is an opportunity to go all-out and buy my dream digital SLR, or at least a Nikon D40. You wouldn't know it from the point-and-shoot pictures I post, but I am actually a photography buff (buff is such a funny, dorky word – like saying "photography is my bag" – can you picture me now in a field vest stuffed with accessories, a big old camera hanging around my neck on an embroidered guitar strap?) with not one but two film SLRs to my name. I love them, but I have become well and truly addicted to the instant gratification of digital photography.

Alas, I don't think a digital SLR is in the cards right now. We are probably looking at another point-n-shoot under $300. The question is, will it be another Canon? My brand loyalty to Canons goes back to my trusty AE-1, which is almost as old as I am, and which I got in a trade for the camera which took my baby pictures. Talk about dependability. But I've been burned twice now by the E18. I've heard good things about Fujis and their ability to take clear pictures in all levels of natural light, which is important to me. Any advice? I've got a loaner through Christmas, thank goodness – actually, thank my father-in-law, who never travels without a full arsenal of consumer electronics – but as soon as the stores re-open, I'm going camera shopping.


Blogger Sarah said...

Hmm. No advise on the point-and-shoots, though I will say we have a Power Shot (a birthday gift to Dan) that's ancient by electronics standards. It's older than Lola (by a year, I think) and while it's slower than dirt it still works.

What's your dream camera? Inquiring minds... Have you considered a Canon Rebel? When we were shopping for a digital SLR, I thought I wanted a D50 or D70 but the Nikons were sooo much heavier than any of the Canons I picked up. Weight wasn't an absolute deal breaker but it did factor into our decision making process.

1:47 PM  
Blogger honeybunch said...

My Fuji650 died on December 21st. It's the second time in 10 months, and thankfully under warranty but I am none too pleased with Fuji these days. I mean here I am without a camera or video three days before Christmas and no loaner? Sheesh. It does have pretty good manual capabilities for a point and shoot but I can't say I'd recommend it now.

I've been really happy with my Canon Rebel SLR and am saving up for my first DLSR. I'm with you - as much as I love the immediacy of digital the point and shoot is pretty limiting. Love to know what you decide on.

5:53 PM  
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