Friday, November 16, 2007

crunch time

Zoiks! Thanksgiving is in, like 15 minutes and I am so not prepared, in any sense of the word. Luckily for me, my talented husband is the family chef, so I don't have to stress the day itself. But all the preparation beforehand, that is mostly my department, and that department seems to have been out to lunch.

That is why I am devoting today to all the miscellaneous things that have needed to be done for ages, but the simple reason that I have not felt like doing them has, up till now, provided an adequate excuse for putting them off. To wit: Cleaning the playroom. Repotting the rootbound plants that have been gasping for help in my studio. Repairing the front-door curtain which Jasper damaged in jumping up to look out the window (remind me, again, why it seemed like a good idea to get a new dog?). And most importantly of all, out with the old and in with the new in the room that is to be Iris' new bedroom. Though it's not quite ready for prime time, I will not have to be embarrassed to offer it as guest accommodations next week. Actually, it's looking good enough that Iris is getting excited, and me too. I think finishing the room is going to become Priority Number One after the holidays.

As for those holidays, three words: Must. Get. Motivated.


Anonymous nan said...

Dying to see that room & I must get your address..have a few princess-subverting-the-dominant-paradigm books to send.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous kirsten said...

i have been doing a fabulous job of ignoring the too-early Christmas. and i've been preparing the gifts, etc. but i'm realizing i have SO little time left to do everything i wanted for Christmas! eek!

9:20 AM  

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