Tuesday, October 16, 2007

just how I wanted to spend my morning

Bathing the dog after he returned literally shitfaced (and shitnecked and shitbacked and so on and stinkily so forth) from his morning constitutional. Of course the need for this was discovered just as J was heading out for a meeting, so I was on my own to find out whether what they told us at the shelter – that Jasper is good for baths – was true. Verdict: so not true! We were sold a bill of goods! Or more accurately, I suppose, we adopted one. Suckers.

Anyway, after that ordeal I had to make myself feel better so I went to the kitchen to fill a prescription for café au lait and waffles with strawberry jam. Then, finding I still had not quite recovered, I put on this fabulous T-shirt that Sarah sent me a couple days ago:

There, now I'm starting to feel restored! Those of you who follow Erin's lovely blog may recognize this as a ringer for the shirt Sarah made for her. Indeed, that is because this shirt was originally supposed to be Erin's, but due to a sizing mishap, got passed on to me instead. Sarah's extra labor is my luck! And I'm pleased as punch (in a dorky way, of course, because can a person who uses the phrase "pleased as punch" be anything but dorky?) to be T-shirt twins with Erin.

My friends and family who read this are laughing right now, because I am well-known in my circle for my aversion to mushrooms. However, I make an aesthetic exception for cute red-and-white spotted toadstools. It's probably some genetic throwback to my German ancestry. In fact, what was I thinking – I should have taken this picture outside with the Gartenswerge. It just goes to show, you can take the girl out of Germany, but you can't take Germany out of the girl.

Sarah, I could just whip you up a big batch of mushroom quiche to thank you. To echo Erin, you rock. My day is better already.


Blogger Stephanie said...

glad you day got a bit better...Our dog has on occasion rolled in some smelly dung to. Making sure to grind it into his collar and tags. He even made a real go of it one day and did it twice...promptly after the first bath of course. ahhh dogs.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous erin said...

hey, nice shirt!

1:54 PM  
Blogger beki said...

As much as I dislike the *taste* of mushrooms, I do believe that cute mushrooms on a shirt would totally make my day.

2:26 PM  
Blogger sulu-design said...

The provenance of this shirt is fantastic. To have been handed down by such skilled hands (both Erin's and Sarah's) is fabulous!

12:08 PM  

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