Monday, August 20, 2007

it's raining again

Hello, and how have you been this past week and then some? Here, our rain barrel runneth over. We had bad news this week, then more bad news, then the kind of news that makes you wonder if everything really does happen for a reason. I don't know. We're equilibrating, holding our breaths to make sure it all really is going to turn out all right. (What if it doesn't?)

On top of this, Iris is under the weather, which is pretty low indeed. It started with her voice "feeling crooked," then like she had "orange thread in her throat." By yesterday she was feverish, complete with hallucinogenic fever dreams. She is not prone to this kind of sickness and it's kind of scary. I mean, she actually asked to go to bed – before 8 P.M. Who are you and what have you done with my healthy, vivacious child?

But with wet weather pre-empting any work on the backyard fence and a poor sick kid who's slept 20 out of the last 24 hours, I've had plenty of indoor project time (when I haven't been compulsively checking on Iris to make sure she hasn't incinerated in her sleep).

Does making curtains count as craft? I don't think so – I think it's really just measuring, cutting, and hemming. But making curtains has kept the old sewing machine humming the past few weeks.


J's office:

Third-floor bathroom, badly in need of paint:

Playroom, badly in need of sunlight:

Iris' big-girl room to be:

I've also been working on all-new table linens, since I tire of the old ones I made ten if not twelve years ago now. I had this idea to make a set of placemats and napkins for each season. These are the spring ones, completed some months ago now. I hope to have pictures of summer (a little late, but who's counting?), fall, and winter soon.


Anonymous erin said...

yes, curtains count! i have been working on some myself...

hope iris is better soon...poor thing! i hate seeing little ones so sick.

and i hope that whatever comes of all that "news" is the best thing for you all.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous kirsten said...

i hate those 'bad news' times. good luck working through it.

LOVE the curtains. seriously. can't wait to see more of iris' room.

poor thing - hugs to her!

10:21 AM  
Blogger meg said...

curtains definitely count - i'm particularly diggin' that first fabric.

hope sweet iris is better super quick and that better news is headed your way.


1:12 PM  
Blogger beki said...

Yes! Curtains do count as craft - it takes great skill to measure, cut and sew a straight ling (I still struggle with that one :-)) They all turned out beautifully.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Ellen said...

How's our girl doing this morning?

7:45 AM  
Blogger sulu-design said...

I'm so glad that you posted this! I'm in the process of making curtains for our new apartment now, and I'm having trouble convincing my husband that bold prints would look great in our rooms. I'm ditching the boring old solid fabric that we got yesterday and hunting for something fun. I love your choices!

1:02 PM  
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