Saturday, December 16, 2006

nice to meet you!

What an intriguing bunch you are! Thanks for sharing your tastes and talents, your idiosyncracies and experiences, your scars and overdrafts and guilty pleasures. Your comments were so much fun to read, and I have definitely felt my winter/holiday blues lifting. Can't hurt that it's the weekend and the sun came out today, too.

I mean to visit every one of your blogs and leave a comment for you too, but for today, I'm going to make good on my previous promise and tell you a little bit more about me:

I'm double-jointed.
I majored in English in college.
I am an only child, but I wish I had a sibling.
I own very little make-up but I almost never leave the house without lipstick.
I met my husband in my office.
I drink decaf.
I dislike pineapple.
I can swim but not dive.
I have lived in three different countries and ten different cities, and of all of them, I felt the most at home in Boston.
My outlaw past: I have a framed poster in my house which I stole from a Japanese train station.

I hope the getting-to-know-you goes on.


Anonymous erin said...

angelique - thanks for sharing all the little tidbits. you look just like my aunt meg - really, you could join our family parties and fit right in!

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Really? You don't like pineapple? Even fresh??

I can dive but I don't like to. I'm so bad at it that just about every attempt ends up being a belly flop. Ow.

Glad the holiday blues are lifting. May your spirits continue to be merry.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous amy h said...

Ditto on the English major, lipstick and office hook-up.

10:31 PM  

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