Wednesday, November 22, 2006

ghosts of christmas past


Busy busy. Since everything I’m working on now is Top Secret till after the holidays, here are some pictures from last year’s handmade Christmas to tide us over.

I made and embroidered these linen tea towels for my dad and stepmother’s new kitchen. Forgot to take photos of them before they were whisked back to Germany, where said kitchen is located; my dad just emailed me these.

Thanks Dad! Hope to see them in their new home soon!

Last Christmas I also made so many presents out of felt that J jokes I am making him a felt Porsche this year. Won’t he be surprised if he’s right!

Readers of the late, great Martha Stewart Kids magazine may recognize the felt seasons book, which I adapted from a Martha design. Next to it is the architect’s kit I made for J, a variation on one made some time ago by Stephanie of littlebirds. The little black doohickey is an iPod case for my sister-in-law with the Burning Man logo embroidered on it. Because, as she would tell you, the man burns every day. And then there’s Iris’ little bunny, which I didn’t make (I wish!), but for which (for whom?) I sewed and embroidered a little felt frock.

My father-in-law is an avid puzzler, so I made this mosaic of family photos for him and sent it away to be made into a 500-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle. It came back with cunning little pieces shaped like wine glasses, airplanes, hammers, and all manner of things tucked in among the standard-issue amoebas. Since my father-in-law can put together 500 pieces in his sleep, I made it harder by giving him a key with the mosaic all mixed up, so he didn’t know which pictures were connected to which until he was done. The nice thing about this present is that it has been making the family rounds so we have all gotten to be puzzled in turn.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Anonymous kirsten said...

the felt stuff is so fun! good job!

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