Monday, April 02, 2007

first run

I'm quite embarrassed about my last post. All weekend I contemplated sneaking over here and deleting it. I can't believe I subjected the citizens of the internet – all eight of them who visit here, hi, I love you guys! – to my thought bubbles about my hair.

So, on to a subject that is scarcely less trivial: yesterday, in the one-hour interval between rainstorms, I went for my first run of the season. Truth be told it was more walking than running, but it was a start. I am not naturally thin, nor am I naturally heavy. What I am is naturally self-indulgent when it comes to wine, cheese, chocolate, and all those good caloric things, so when the weather turns warm, I try to get running in order to keep the extra poundage at bay. I think the effect is actually more psychological than physical. I may not actually look better, but I feel better about myself when I run.

So now that the weather has turned, the light is long, and the shoes have been dusted off, I need just one more thing to run through the spring, summer, and fall: some new high-energy tunes on the old shuffle. So tell me: what do you listen to when you run, walk, dance, or whatever you do to get moving?

P.S. Confidential to Christi: Since I can't reply directly to your comment – damn you, Blogger! – I'm thanking you here for it. No, I am not the Angelique Hobbs who was once your neighbor, but I appreciate hearing from someone whose heart is here in Pittsburgh. Let me know if you ever come back to visit!


Blogger amy h said...

I didn't think anything was silly about your hair post. :)

I do not own it, but I heard that someone put together a song for Nike that was designed for the length of a run. It is paced to give you a good workout. And apparently, the music is good. It was on a lot of "best of" music critics' lists for 2006. I'm sure if you type in "Nike" on itunes or something, it would pop up.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Ellen said...

Disco! What else?

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Nanette said...

I have always found Creedence Clearwater Revival to be a refreshing way to exercise though make a mental note to not do the white man's overbite at the same time..I speak from bitter experience.

8:47 AM  

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