Monday, March 05, 2007

you asked!

Interesting, the things you were interested in. I thought you would request pictures of the inside of my refrigerator, my bookshelves, or some such. But Meg's query, especially, was so much less point-and-shoot. So, without further ado....

For Meg: my education and profession. I have a B.A. in English from the University of Virginia and an M.A. in historic preservation from Cornell. These are some old postcards of Cornell that I have framed above my desk:

I have worked in the field of historic preservation for ten years and teach an intro course on the subject at the University of Pittsburgh (where I just co-produced a symposium! Geek out!). I now work part-time in the arts and culture program of a major local foundation, mostly on urban downtown and civic design issues. I wouldn't say it's glamorous, no, but I do love what I do.

For Sarah: Yes! Your package arrived the day after your comment appeared, so I had some inkling it was coming. If I could blog the smell of the sachet, I would. Heavenly. I think I'll sleep with it in my pillowcase. (Seriously, maybe I should since I've been up since 3:30 with insomnia this morning.) Thank you! And if those are Lola's sweet stitches, thank her for me too!

For Tracy – my favorite shoes? Tough one! Not that I have so many to choose from (though my husband might snort at that) – I just can't decide. Give me a couple days and I'll get back to you on this.

For Carol: our house, in the middle of our street. Here is my street as I see it coming out my front door.

This was fun! I'll gladly keep this going for another post if there's anything else anyone would like to see. If not, I'll be back with shoes and, you know, whatever else.


Blogger Carol said...

love it- just as I imagined!

7:51 AM  
Anonymous kirsten said...

wow, i love your street!
(i tried to ask a question (for pix of iris' room) but for some reason it wasn't letting me the other day).

and, wow - you're a smartie! :)

9:13 AM  
Blogger tracy said...

(ma art conservation here - i felt a connection!)

will be waiting for word on the shoes...

and your street. as perfect as i imagined...

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

When were you in Ithaca? Dan did his PhD at Cornell. We were there for 4+ years from about '95-'99. Were we there at the same time? What a fun bit of synchronicity that would be.

So now my question for you is where did you live in Ithaca? We lived in Fall Creek. First, just a few blocks from Ithaca Falls on Tioga, and then on Hancock near what we lovingly referred to as the ghetto P&C.

I'm glad to hear the sachet still smelled of lavender when it got to you. It'd been sitting on my ironing board for over a week and had lost a fair amount of it's lovely stink before I sent it. And in case you hadn't figured it out, that knitted thing is a washcloth.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Christi said...

I linked here from Carol's blog and your comment that everuone who leave Pgh leaves their heart there. I had to link immediately because I left Beechview in 1983 where I lived next to a girl named Angelique Hobbs. Looking back, I doubt that Angelique is all that unique in a city with a Catholic church and a bar on every corner. I miss it terribly. I met up with a photographer thru Flickr recently and he has great Pgh Photos We reminisced about the carnivals that went on all over town in the final weeks before school started. Oddly, my family has followed me to Iowa - my brother about 5 years ago and my stepmom just two weeks ago. Love your cake and your blog.

10:01 AM  
Blogger lsaspacey said...

Ooh, American Foursquare homes. I'm also a historic preservation geek.

10:41 PM  

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