Friday, March 30, 2007

my day as a straight-haired girl

I've always wondered what having straight hair would be like, and today I found out. This morning I went to get my curly hair cut, and Kristin my hair girl insisted on straightening it. Since it was a perfect warm-but-not-humid spring day, all her hard work with the big round brush, blowdryer, and flat iron is still going strong. Which is to say, my hair is as smooth and ruly as I always imagined straight hair to be, but the constant flopping in my eyes is giving me a new appreciation for the barrettes and ponytails market, not to mention why Iris is constantly pushing her hair off her face.

My own mother, who was babysitting Iris, didn't recognize me when I came home. Iris observed, "You look different," and then, "You're still alive."

What better way to celebrate life than with a couple thrift-store stops on my (roundabout) way home? Lookee what I found:

Set of 8 Vera napkins! Never used, from the looks of them. I love love love them.

And this, which was with the $1 scarves. Only it's not a scarf...

it's a furoshiki, or Japanese wrapping cloth, used to bundle clothes, gifts, and other whatnot in pre-plastic-shopping-bag Japan.

I seem to be following a Japanese family around on their thrift store rounds, picking up as they drop off. What could be better? Straight hair, maybe....

Yeah, well, tomorrow I'll be back to my normal unruly, corkscrewy self. Assuming I take a shower. The family consensus is that that is a good idea.


Anonymous kirsten said...

oh, i so relate! pre-kiddos i used to straighten mine sometimes (on no-chance-of-rain-or-humidity days) and it was so fun! and people were always surprised at how much longer my hair was straight. once in college a bunch of us did tiny braids all over our heads - and my braids started curling!

you look fab.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What fun! Ms Wyatt would not approve, but what fun, anyway (this coming from someone else who has long coveted wispy hair.)
Happy birthday to Iris! Growing and growing and growing. Fun to get a peek at her party!
I sent you a message a while back to what I thought was your address, but maybe you're using another one now that you've switched jobs. In fact, it was just some moaning and groaning about slow progress of home improvement. I'm feeling the tiniest bit more hopeful these days, having found the coatrack of my dreams. xoxo, Julie

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Ellen said...

I remember that in college you used to pine for straight hair, while I always envied your curls. You look great!

(On a similar note, I use three different frizz control products on my hair every day, with decidedly mixed results.)

8:18 AM  
Anonymous norma said...

Cute, cute, cute. Love the hair. I too am a curly girl and I'm sad to see you live in PA because I'm in need of a hair cut and a hair dresser. :)

4:27 PM  
Blogger amy h said...

I like the new do -- both the straight and curly versions. (And those napkins are great, too!)

10:53 PM  

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