Tuesday, January 09, 2007

before dawn

...is when I am writing this. Although the stomach-churning stress subsided with the new job offer, I am still insanely insomniac. My adrenalin levels must be worthy of a marathon starter. There were moments last week when I did not see how it would all get done: the loose ends tied up, the office packed, the instructions left, the goodbyes said. But it did get done – who am I kidding, I worked like mad to get it all done – and by 5:00 on Friday, I was in a booth at Kaya, ordering a celebratory drink. Big exhale! (Then stay up all night.)

I'm taking this week sort-of off before plunging into my new job at the foundation. I do have a meeting there on Thursday, and yesterday, I taught my first class of the new semester. It was marvelous: I spent all day at the university, a.m. meeting + few hours of prep + lunch + afternoon class, without feeling the whole time like I should have been doing something else. I am not good at multi-tasking. I am good at focusing. Hopefully this new world order will allow me to do much more of that.

Now, I know everyone is totally over Christmas, but there is just one more thing I have to show off.

Yes, yes it is! the Tord Boontje Before Dawn curtain! Didn't I tell you my family – in this case my father-in-law – has a knack for gifting?

Music hound that he is, I hope he is half as pleased with my gift to him: framed photographs of letters from local vintage signs.

Okay, that was two things, forgive me. I have a bit more show-and-tell (non-holiday-related, never fear) which I think I'll spread out over the week.

Ah, the sun is up! Time to make a pot of coffee.


Blogger meg said...

hello fellow insomniac. i get it periodically, especially when change is in the air. i feel your pain.
(and am a bit jealous over your tord)

9:55 AM  
Anonymous kirsten said...

tums. tums and zantac. that's how i handle the 'stomach-churning stress'. the insomnia, now, that's a different matter.

10:27 AM  

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