Sunday, March 29, 2009

straight from the heart

Since she's been going to Waldorf School, Iris sings a lot more, both songs she's learned and ones she makes up. Here's one she belted out in the bathtub the other day:

"I don't like George Bush
I don't like John McCain
I don't like when my daddy yells at me
Or when my brother screams.

I don't like when I'm sad
Or when I'm hurt
or when I'm cut."

Iris turned five on Thursday. My big girl! We gave her a Little House on the Prairie party, to which she wore the new hot-pink-polka-dotted flamenco dress her grandparents brought her from Spain. Ma Ingalls would have had the vapors.

More birthday party pictures on flickr soon, I hope.

(Long time no see, I know! The secret to finding time to update appears to be insomnia – see date stamp on this post.)